Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Summer to Fall Outfit Transitioning.

Life is short, buy the bag. 

The transitioning into something new is a wonderful and exciting period, which fills me with joy. The eagerness and anticipation to style my favourite summer pieces, autumn-appropriate is much more enjoyable than one may think, trust me. Moving into a new season is much more than just temperature changes, but also colours and lighting. It’s proof that time really is moving forward.

Here we are again, summer into autumn transition. For me, summer is all about white colours, crisp patterns, picnic in the fields, swimming in lakes and summer love. Whereas autumn combines natural and earthy colours, in combination with hot chocolate and fluffy, oversized socks. We become less crazy and more indoor orientated.

A new season motivates me to start new projects and re-evaluate my wardrobe, by combining key pieces from the summer with different autumn styles. Tulle skirt in combination with a woolly jumper dresses teamed up with thigh high boots or layering pieces over pieces.

I’m wearing my favourite autumn/winter boots in combination with a light fabric, black dress, but styled with a heavier material suede jacket - my all time favourite combo.

In case you are looking for a new bag, please check out DS London. Their bags are super gorgeous and handmade in the UK.

Dress: Never Fully Dressed
Boots: Public Desire
Jacket: Missguided
DS London Snapchat/Instagram: @shelleyannem Pictures by Jaro Michalko.


Saturday, 24 September 2016

NutriBuddy || First Impressions.

Fitness is not about being better than someone. Fitness is about being better than the person you were yesterday.

I recently collaborated with NutriBuddy, a company that specialised in safe and effective weight loss products. They send me 14- day weight loss kit, which couldn't have come at a more convenient time because I recently started going back to the gym.
Many people don't know about my surgery last Christmas, which left me unable to exercise for quite some time. I am now determined to get back to my old self and what better way to do so than with the help of such promising products?

The Kit 

The Kit I got send includes:
Sculpting Whey
Hunger Fux
Shaker Bottle and Scoop Measurer
Recipe Book
The Little Book of Wight Loss

This kit is perfect for beginners and includes everything you need to become a gym bunny and that for a very good price of £24.99. The Sculpting Whey is 100% suitable for vegetarians, whereas the Hunger Fix and the Multivitamins are also 100% suitable for vegans. It meets everyone's needs with the price and also with their dietary preferences.

Additionally, isn't the packaging super sleek and modern? Love the colour combination, which makes it pop out. Especially because most protein products have such dull designs and colours, I personally love a little bit of excitement when it comes to a product and the way how it looks. 

Day 1 of a 14-day journey

I took my first tablets yesterday and found them super easy to take, no weird taste or overly huge size - winning! I am one of those people who scream at every tablet that looks, smells or tastes weird and therefore really appreciate it when they are just very minimal.

The Hunger Fix tablets did scare me at first, the thought of taking something that will stop my hunger feeling is quite strange really. But all it did was to stop me from snacking, which really is something I need - I am a massive cake and chocolate fan. I also love the taste of the protein shake. I picked a vanilla flavour, which is not too sweet and I can easily add fruits to it for some extra excitement and change.

I am super excited to continue this journey with my new products and keep you all updated. Follow me on Instagram/Snapchat for more updates and to see how I get on in the gym @shelleyannem.

If you think that NutriBuddy might be a product for you, please don't hesitate to check them out:



Wednesday, 21 September 2016

LFW Day 1 Outfit || Dusty Pink Ruffles.

I Know It’s a Lot to Handle, But Sometimes
Women Don’t Wear Bras.

I recently noticed an increase in articles delivering us the news of women not wearing bras, yes you read correctly.
Apparently, they find it newsworthy, but why?
What is so interesting about a woman deciding that her outfit will look better without an annoying bra underneath?
Nothing. Exactly.

Bras can get in the way. Imagine wearing a plunge top and the bra is on show, it just ruins the look. It's not just about
looking good, but also about feeling good. Bras can be very uncomfortable and we all know the feeling of taking our
bras off at the end of a busy day, blissful. I often put on a jumper and leave the bra in my draw, purely because
there is no crime in doing so. It's not a big deal and has got nothing to do with being sexy.
It's just comfy, easy and shouldn't bother anyone.
Why doesn't the Media focus on what we achieve, rather than delivering us news about Kim K not wearing a bra?
'Focussing on these ladies’ chests is not only puerile, it’s a sign that good old-fashioned objectification is alive and well.'
Rant over.

My First London Fashion Week Look. 

I recently purchased this beautiful and super chic blouse in a dusty pink from

Asos and knew I had to wear it to LFW. I styled it with a cool pair of jeans with a distressed
hem and styled them with a cool pair of heels.
Stylish, chic and effortless.
River Island also has a huge variety of jeans with a short leg, which is perfect for us
petite girls.

Blouse: Asos
Jeans: River Island
Heels: Public Desire
Sunglasses: Guess

Pictures taken by Ben Lawrence Miller using a film camera, thank you!

Instagram/Snapchat: @shelleyannem 


Brillante Fashion Show #LFW.

"Bringing together a combination of Latvian and UK designers, for fashion lovers, trend searchers and those who love to stand out by wearing art – rather than clothing."
For the second consecutive year, the Brillante Fashion Show invited Fashion Savvy people to come together and celebrate Art. The Show took place on the 18th September at a beautiful venue; the Carousel in Central London.
The show included three collections of different designers: Dace Bahmann from Latvia,  Nolo from Latvia, and Luis Zhu Zhao from the UK.

The aim of the Brillante Show is to give designers from Latvian and the UK the opportunity to showcase their talent and passion, by combining both countries.

It was an honour and privilege to have been invited to such an amazing event, that also focuses on giving back to the community by raising awareness for 'The Childen's Society'.

Instagram/Snapchat: @shelleyannem


Friday, 16 September 2016

From East to East || Art & Fashion Exhibition; Press Night

 A new art & fashion pop-up exhibition celebrating China's new age on global localisation. 

 I was invited to the opening and press night of a new pop-up exhibition at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane. The exhibition showcased the artistic work of American designer and Artist Jason Freeny. The exhibition was filled with 47 of his sculptures which are all iconic characters, but with a twist, because their anatomical structure is exposed. 

The fashion brand who presented their latest capsule collection was the Chinse street fashion brand called FUN, which launched in 1985. The brand mixes urban street style with modern cartoon characters and based the latest collection on everyone's' favourite, lazy cat Garfield.

The evening was not only super fun but also very interesting and included a panel of impressive individuals who held a discussion on globalisation. The speakers were: Nancy Johnston, Founder and Director of Tengri, a British knitwear label, social enterprise and vanguard in the technical development of noble yak yarns from Mongolia.

Head down to Brick Lane and see it for yourself, they are still there for a while!

Instagram/Snapchat: @shelleyannem