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what to wear valentines day, what to wear valentines, valentines day, valentines, london blogger, london petite blogger, new look fashion, new look

what to wear valentines day, what to wear valentines, valentines day, valentines, london blogger, london petite blogger, new look fashion, new look

What to wear this Valentines to feel your best with New Look Fashion 

Whether you celebrate with your friends, partner or don't do anything at all. Valentines is all about feeling your best, acknowledging Love and eating chocolate. So, whatever your plans will be on February the 14th, own it in a stunning outfit and some sexy lingerie underneath - I mean, after all, isn't that what Valentines is about? 

what to wear valentines day, what to wear valentines, valentines day, valentines, london blogger, london petite blogger, new look fashion, new look


Treat yourself this Valentines and say bye to cheesy outfits, but instead buy pieces that will transform you and can be worn again. Buy smart and remember the colour red


what to wear valentines day, what to wear valentines, valentines day, valentines, london blogger, london petite blogger, new look fashion, new look

what to wear valentines day, what to wear valentines, valentines day, valentines, london blogger, london petite blogger, new look fashion, new look

How to nail your Valentines Outfit this year 

I love being me because there is only of me - as cheesy as it may sound. But there is only one Shelley; only one of me that is as outgoing, bubbly and straightforward as I am. Valentines is a day about love, but not just about loving others but also yourself. Fashion for me is all about feeling amazing and giving myself confidence in what I wear.  This Valentines I challenge everyone to go out and buy themselves at least one piece that will make them feel sexy, confident and just beautiful.

I have found the perfect Outfit that couldn't be more me at New Look: an oversized cardigan, a floaty and very flattering dress combined with a pair of barely-there-heels and a cute, little bag. Bit of colour blocking going on as well, as I love to mix red and pink tones.


A confident woman is a sexy woman.

I'll be spending my Valentine's watching my boyfriend play football at first to then open a bottle of wine and have some chocolate later on - we've already done the fancy dinner a few days before and yes, he loved my outfit. Not just because it was a cute outfit, but mainly because of how it made me feel. I felt confident which immediately showed through and made me look even better. Consider New Look this Valentine's Day for your outfit choice as it offers amazing quality, cute designs and all that for great prices - what more could you want? 

what to wear valentines day, what to wear valentines, valentines day, valentines, london blogger, london petite blogger, new look fashion, new look

what to wear valentines day, what to wear valentines, valentines day, valentines, london blogger, london petite blogger, new look fashion, new look

Outfit Details

Cardigan (I got a size M for an oversized look)
Shoes (these are super comfy!)
Bag (comes in 6 colours and only £12,99).

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PR Disclaimer:  I use rewardstyle, read here how it works. This post was written in collaboration with New Look Fashion. However, all my views are my own. 

Payday haul on WearAll - my favourite picks

Shopping is my therapy, my cardio. Shopping is everything and shopping makes me happy - it's that simple. Searching the internet for best deals, the cutest tops and sexy dresses is sometimes not that easy so I'm doing it for you; you are welcome!

WearAll is a brand that I recently discovered which has everything; from good quality to good priced clothes and I went a tad OTT and ordered myself some cute pieces. I mean, how could I not? It's January, I detoxed my wardrobe and I, therefore, have space again.

I picked a selection of dresses and tops from WearAll that I know will get a lot of wear this year. Personally, jumper dresses are my absolute favourite. They are cosy, sexy and look incredible styled with over the knee boots. Same goes with blazer dresses; how classy and stunning do they look, please? As you can also see I clearly have an obsession with checked patterns and frill, but it's just too cute! Lastly, look who is now into mustard colour. Never thought it would suit me, but now I love it - it's a colour that goes so well styled with an all-black outfit. 

Outfit Details:

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My life with IBS 

I was diagnosed 6 years ago with the somewhat generic IBS, after nearly 10 months of running from one doctor to another. Don't get me wrong, I was happy it wasn't anything more sinister than IBS, but it's an awkward condition. Once I was diagnosed, they put me on a few tablets and told me to figure out myself how to deal with it. I was just over 18 I think; I wanted to go out and have fun, but instead, I felt nauseous all day and sometimes went days without eating at all and always worried if there will be a bathroom nearby. The smell of certain foods would make me sick, and I'd lose my appetite, wrong food would trigger horrendous pain, and I spent my 19th birthday nearly throwing up at a restaurant because the smell of fajitas next to me trigged it. 6 years on and my symptoms are still there, but more settle and I now understand a bit better how to live with it. But it has taken me all these years to get to this stage, where I can say that it's no longer controlling my everyday move. I still have bad days, still don't like the smell of fajitas, but at least I know what to do once it's triggered and how to help myself now.

I have cut out lactose except for the odd meals here and there (and of course chocolate), I instead only drink A2 milk and have coffee with soya milk occasionally - yes, I am that person who sometimes brings their own milk to a coffee meeting. I cut down gluten and removed all 'diet' drinks such as diet coke, for example, as that is the WORST. It might save you a few calories but won't help your stomach, trust me - full fat is the only option, unfortunately. I also don't eat toast and instead opt for sourdough or rye bread; which is my favourite by the way!

IBS will always be part of me, I can see the effects it has on my body on a daily basis. But at the end of the day, that diagnosis could have been much worse. Managing IBS isn't easy, especially at the beginning and for me having to tell people I have digestive issues made me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable - but there is nothing to hide or be embarrassed off.  It would put more pressure on me which lead to it being triggered as IBS is not a fan of stress. It's ludicrous actually. Now that I've stopped making excuses for it certain situations are much easier to handle, and people understand it better, too.

Keeping a food diary was so important and helpful to get better sooner; I really wish someone would have told me to start it earlier on. Although, I do go weeks with being able to eat chocolate fine and the next day it will make me feel nauseous. But that's just the awkwardness that comes with IBS for me, unfortunately. We all experience it differently, there is no set rule on how to act or what to do. But what I can give you is an idea of what helped me, what I eat and definitely don't eat - let me introduce a new category on the blog with this post.  

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Mercari App #DetoxChallenge - the ultimate wardrobe clear out

I don't believe in 'new year, new me' kinda bullsh*it (Why I don't believe in New Years Resolutions) but I do think that a good clear out can do wonders. Also, I like a little challenge, I mean who doesn't, so when the marketplace app Mercari asked me to take part in their #DetoxChallenge this January I was more than happy to take part. Mainly because I currently have three black bags in my storage room waiting for their new home and also because I know that we have an upcoming move once uni finishes in June - scary. I know it's only January but time goes fast, especially when you have two dissertations and endless assignments to write.

Anyway, I was super excited to give this app a try after seeing Sinead Crowe mention it in one of her vlogs. The app is super easy to use, it takes no longer than 2 minutes to upload what you are selling and it's not about building a following like similar apps. However, I do have to add that it's not suitable for higher valued items as most people do try to get it as low-priced as possible. But there is no selling fee, yes you read right - NO SELLING FEE!

Back to the Detox Challenge now, I was asked to upload new items daily based on topics starting with winter clothes, following by shoes, accessories and lastly leftovers. I uploaded over 30 items during that time and have more to come, so keep an eye out! I sold roughly 5 items and they even simplified the postage process by having an in-app Hermes delivery page. It allows you to print off a unique Hermes sticker and immediately notifies the buyer with the tracking code and the postage price will be automatically removed from your credit - easy and efficient!

The money will be available to pay out once the buyer has received the item and has left a review. However,  I have yet to reach that stage so I can't comment on that right now. In summary, I love the app so far and I cannot continue to sell my clothes on it -> username shelleyannem. 

3 Tips to successfully clear out your wardrobe

I have moved a lot in my young age and I always stick to the same three principles: 

Don't be kind

Haven't worn it in a few years? Say bye-bye. I fully understand how hard it can be to throw away clothes as I can get a bit sentimental with them; it's how I remember special memories. For example, the first date with my boyfriend. I still remember what we both wore and last year I had a little iron accident with the top I wore that night and got so emotional about it. But why keep something that no longer fits, no longer suits your style or is broken? Throw it away and make space for new.

Get naked

Throw it all on the floor. Empty draws, shelves, rails - EMPTY IT ALL and you will have a much easier outlook on all your clothes. Little Tip, have three piles on the floor one for keeping, selling and charity which will make simplify your clear out. 

Sell it / Charity 

Don't throw it all in the bin. You can sell it or give it to charity. I always sell the higher valued items and will give anything else to charity; also the clothes that don't sell after a month will be removed from online selling portals and also given to charity. I always like to keep a nice balance between selling and doing something good.

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PR Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Mercari however, all my views are my own. 

The truth behind some bloggers - My personal issues with the blogging community

I have a little confession to make and this is not intended to cause any drama, but rather a post on some thoughts I've been having for a while now. So here you go ...

I'm still a newbie in the world of blogging and am currently (only) close to 25k followers on Instagram. A nice number but still nothing fancy in comparison to my favourite bloggers who have more than 40k. We all know that this industry is all about numbers, especially if your aim is to make it as a successful blogger. I often hear people say how they don't care about numbers, but we all know deep down they get just as annoyed as anyone else when they lose followers. Blogging has obviously changed a lot recently with micro-influencers booming more than ever, but so many brands still only care about the big numbers and not the overall engagement, committed followers or fantastic content.

So, now to my actual issue. It's not just brands who care about numbers but also so many other bloggers. I have been very fortunate to have attended some amazing events organised by fantastic brands in the past year, the guest list for those are always filled with big and 'famous' bloggers. Attending events is always an opportunity to network and meet more like-minded people, you would think anyway. But instead, I, and many of my other friends, have experienced questionable behaviour by the more 'bigger bloggers'. Some of them ignoring us when trying to start a conversation or moving their bags onto an empty chair/seat so others can't sit there when walking over. I always get excited attending events but instead leave them feeling self-conscious sometimes.

It's a mean girl kinda thing; you can't sit with us if you don't play in our league, aka if you don't have enough followers.  

They used to be in our shoes, they used to be the once not knowing people when attending events. They are us and we are them, just with a different number on Instagram. We are actually the people who helped them get to that stage through support and looking up to them. But instead, they make us feel insecure.

We won't all be best friends or have more in common other than our blogs, but we should still be nice and support one another. Why be rude to newcomers and make them feel unsure about themselves. Why be that person, THAT person who can't be happy with someone else because they've also made it on the guest list. 

This is obviously not aimed at every bigger blogger, just some observations I have made in the past. Despite the few negative experiences I have also meet some great people at events; I'm sure we all have but I can't help and wonder why some people can't be happy for others. The thought of spending my life in misery and hating on every new blogger at an event seems like too much to worry about or waste my precious life on - as cheesy as it sounds, but we only live once. 

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