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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

New City, New Job, New Start.

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New City New Job New Start - what's next?

Not even a week ago I made the big step and moved to the super exciting city London, it's one of the world's best cities and a truly unique place to live and work.
I started my new job last week as a Manager for Urbiana, a super cool and trendy jewellery company in the heart of East London's most famous street Brick Lane. Brick Lane has so much to offer, from fashionable shops, to amazing places to eat and cool street art. It's a must see for everyone visiting or living in London.

Here are my 8 personal Tips to Moving to a New City -
coming from someone who moved countries and lived in 6 different cities. 

1.  Saying Goodbye.
No matter what, this is by far the hardest part of moving away. Saying goodbye to loved ones is always a hard step,
but has to be done
. Don't ignore the fact you are moving because it may upset you, talk to friends and family about it. Tell them about your excitement or the things that worry you. It's important to let people in and share your concerns, friends/family are there to help and support. Make sure to plan days out before the move to make new and happy memories with everyone, to later look back on too.

“Feel whatever you are feeling. Don’t try to bottle up any anxiety or stress or put on a brave face when you’re around friends and family. Be real with your emotions. If you know you will miss certain things, say that or find time to do them with people. Running away from emotions is a temporary solution. They’ll catch up with you in your new place and then you may find yourself with few shoulders to cry on.”

2. Stay in touch with friends and family. 

Just because you moved to another city and want to meet new people, maybe even reinvent yourself, doesn't mean to cut everyone from your old home out. It's always nice talking to friends about past memories or plan trips to see each other again. They can often be there to support and encourage you, it's always important to stay in touch with friends/family no matter where in the world you are. I'm still friends with people I went to Kindergarten with and regularly catch up. It's nearly been 15 years since I last saw them and despite the distance we still know what we are getting up to and how everyone is doing.

3. Hobbies. 
No better way to meet like-minded people than to get active in your favorite hobby or to take up a new one. From fitness classes to museum visits, you are bound to meet someone who shares the same interests and whom you can connect with.

4. Make your home yours.

One thing that is very important for me is to decorate my home in my style, adding my personal touches gives me that little feeling of being home.There is no better feeling than to come home after work to a house/flat/room that is decorated in your personal style. Adding your personality to your home is so much more important than one may think, always make time to decorate and sort your new place out before.

5. Take Initiative.
Staying at home, watching TV and having takeaway is not the way to meet new people. Go out and grab every opportunity you get, eat your lunch in a public place or go out in the evening and read a book in the park.
On my first day at work I didn't know what to do during my one hour lunch break, at first I felt awkward sitting by myself in a park eating my salad. After a few minutes I realised that there were so many other people doing the same thing, no need to be ashamed or worried!

Take the initiative and start a conversation with the person next to you, you never know that person may end up becoming your lunch buddy. Ask coworkers if they fancy going for a drink after work or if they ask you, don't say no and go with them. Making and having friends is only another way forward to feeling more comfortable in a new city.

6. Don't Stress.
Don't expect to be meeting new people straight away, you will more likely have a few evenings by yourself at home and that is perfectly okay. Having too high expectations won't help you settle in and feel relaxed. It always takes a few weeks or months to settle into a new home, city or even country; give it some time and don't try to force it. Having a positive attitude always helps. 

7. You get to know yourself better. 
Nothing is more frightening than leaving your childhood friends and family behind to move to a new place, but that is also the best time to get to know yourself best. No influences from your best friends, family members or the societal surroundings; it's the time to find out who you are and what you want in your life and to re-think who you are as a person.

8. You start to wonder where home is.
When moving to another place in your 20s, life becomes real, the teenager period is ending and adulting starts. There are so many changes happening in our heads and minds, so many questions arise and suddenly there we are asking ourselves what our meaning of life is? Why were we born and what are we here to do?
No one except ourselves can answer these questions, our parents can't help us with this, we have to find out ourselves what we are good at and what our true passions are.
I, for example, always wanted to work in fashion and incorporate my passion for Photography and now I work as a Manager, for my 12 month work placement, for such a awesome Jewellery company that includes everything I love to do and in a city that I love with the person I love. I couldn't be happier right now.

Living overseas is part of me now, but so is being German and after living in England for nearly five years I have become so attached to this country that I wouldn't want to leave anymore. They say home is where your heart is, but
where is my heart? The place I was born and raised and still truly love to this day or the new country, that challenges me on a daily basis? 

Falling in love with a city is like falling in love with a person, the new country/city becomes your new love affair.

"The most important relationship in your life if the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself" - Diane Von Furstenberg.



  1. congrats to coming to london....would be koool to hang out sometime xoxoxo


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