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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The holiday is approaching.

holiday essentials

This year's summer holiday destination is Gran Canaria; 7 days of sun, beach and cocktails. 

Only a few more days to go and all I can think about is what to pack?! For a major fashion lover like me, everything needs to be planned and thought through when it comes to outfits, especially with a restricted amount of 15kg. For me 7 days means I need at least 10 outfits, I hate feeling limited when it comes to picking what I wear and rather have more to choose from. 
Packing is super exciting, but also mega stressful. The thought of forgetting something is unbearable, imagine I would leave my favorite pair of sunglasses at home? THE PANIC! 
To feel less stressful about my upcoming packing nightmare I have decided to create my own little, holiday, essential list to avoid stressing over my baggage allowance.

My Holiday Essential Guide 

There is nothing better than sunglasses and they are so important to take with the sun shining every day. I will be taking my black mirror sunglasses from the Brick Lane Vintage Market and my beige ones from River Island. I picked two colors that can be worn with anything so I won't have to worry about the colors clashing with my outfits.

Sun cream and Lotion. 
Huge essential, probably the most important one, is sun cream. No one likes walking around like a Lobster and let's not forget how damaging it is for your skin. I always used to be a bit careless when it came to protecting my skin from the sun in the hope of developing a better tan (In my case, actually getting a tan and not staying super pale). I have learned from many sunburns and won't leave the house now without sun cream. Despite that, on my last holiday I used factor 50 and still burned my bum!

holiday essentials

This year I will be taking the Piz Buin Tan & Protect Tan (Buy 1 get 2nd Half Price, grab a bargain!), Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze and Piz Buin After Sun Soothing & Cooling Moisturising Lotion with me. I am a big fan of sun lotion that will support my skin's own melanin production for an even and natural looking tan, simply because I am one of those super pale people that need ages to actually develop a decent tan. 

I am a big heel lover but decided to only take one pair with me for fancy dinners. I, therefore, had to invest in new shoes for the holiday, life can be so hard sometimes. I decided to buy a pair of Gold Jelly Sandals Asos Frenchy Jelly Sandals, please check them out! They are super cute and super cheap for only 10£! The second pair are also from Asos and tie up sandals, Glamorous Black Plaited Tie Up Sandals, super cute as well! I will also take another pair with me from my last holiday, you can never have too many sandals.

holiday essentials

Passport and Money.
Never forgot my Passport or cash yet, thank god. Without the passport I obviously won't be able to actually leave the country, so must have to not forget! I know, I know, it's super obvious and everyone knows to take it with them. But let's be honest, we all know at least one person who forgot their passport or cash at home. 

The day we booked the holiday I ordered a new swimsuit from Missguided, it's black and has a plunge design and super fashionable right now. I will, of course, be taking a few with me that I have from my last holiday, but who doesn't love buying new Bikinis for an upcoming holiday?  Missguided Plunge Halter Neck Swimsuit and this super amazing bikini  Wolf & Whistle Plunge Macrame Lace Up Bikini. The Holiday can come with these new beauties!

Mini Beauty Products.
Going to Boots and looking through the holiday section is always fun, from little body sprays to new shampoos and anything else that is super cute because it's so small! Boots once again has an amazing offer on which is any 3 for 2, so I went a bit crazy and bought all my favorite products in miniature size! I had to get a small dry shampoo bottle from Batiste, Impulse body spray, toothpaste from Aquafresh, shampoo, and conditioner from Aussie Hair and Nivea shower gel.

I love taking pictures and going on holiday without a camera would be super sad. I, therefore, decided to take my Olympus Pen E-PL7 with me and my super cute Polaroid from Fujifilm. Both are compact, cute and fit in any bag.

I will, of course, be taking more with me, however, these are my essentials that I would be super sad about forgetting. 


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