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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

What I learned from my first internship.

No one else but myself will look out for my career.

I moved to the big city and I was super excited to start a new chapter in my life and to finally be having a full-time job with a lovely paycheck at the end of every month. But sometimes things don't end up how you want them to be. 

Trust is the very premise of all relationships – and the first employment relationship is critical. Leaders please give your 
people a reason to trust.

Within days it went from bad to worse and within weeks I wanted to leave, not only did I feel disrespected but I wasn't valued as an employee. I am a hardworker and will give as much as I can, even doing extra work on days off. But wanting a simple 'thank you' really isn't that much too ask for.

I am still a student and currently on placement and for many people this is their first working experience, it's a shame when they have to encounter a job that will leave them feeling upset and worthless. A employer is a role model and is supposed to lead by example. 

Internships are all about the learning experience. Maybe all internships, like news, are good. Or maybe not… But every experience can provide a learning opportunity. At the very least you’ll learn what kind of work place best suits you and have a stronger idea of what kind of co-worker or supervisor you want to be in the future. Take away what you did learn from the experience, even if it was not exactly what you wanted or expected.

Don't let a bad internship damage your self-esteem, personal growth only comes with experience. Becoming successful with handling challenges is one plus that comes with a negative experience. As cheesy as it sounds, but what doesn't break you only makes you stronger. 

But I took matters into my own hands, looked for a new job and found one in August. I couldn't be happier, they not only treat me with respect, but value everything I say. It's closer to home and has better working hours (what a plus). 

This post is not intended to name or shame anyone, I just simply wanted to share my experience in a few words.

Once again, huge thank you to Rachel for the flattering images. 


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  1. Such a great post, good on you for knowing you're worth more than how you were made to feel during your internship!

    Hannah x


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