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Friday, 7 October 2016

How to take the perfect selfie in 8 steps.

selfie tips, taking a good selfie, how to take perfect selfie, selfie light, perfect selfie

selfie tips, taking a good selfie, how to take perfect selfie, selfie light, perfect selfie

selfie tips, taking a good selfie, how to take perfect selfie, selfie light, perfect selfie

'Let me take a selfie' // 8 steps to take the perfect selfie 

I frequently get asked how I take my selfies so I thought why not put up a post and share my 'wisdom of the perfect selfie'. Taking a good selfie is actually pretty easy and only requires a few simple steps. I personally think that my background in Portrait and Fashion Photography has definitely helped me to identify these steps, just because it's all about the correct lighting, angles, and sharpness. 

Selfies are bigger than ever at the moment, so here are my personal 8 tips to help you take an amazing selfie:

1. Good lighting is key

Poor lighting will ruin any picture, it also helps to increase the sharpness of the image. Furthermore, a badly light picture is unflattering and just simply boring.

I personally think that natural lighting always works the best. I always - ALWAYS - stand in front of a window facing it. By doing that my face is brightened up, but the surroundings are darker.
Additionally, having white curtains behind you can also be a great selfie background.

Tip: Don't turn your back to the sun or you'll just be a dark shadow.

2. Flattering angle - tilt your head slightly

Finding your correct angle can be tricky at first, I always take my selfies at a slight angle and never hold the camera directly in front of me. It's a simple trick that helps make my cheekbones stand out and is just super flattering overall.

3. Correct cropping 

I personally love the square format when it comes to selfies - it's, of course, everyone's personal preference, but I would never take a selfie in a different size.

4. Editing is beneficial

By editing I simply mean enhancing the contrast, brightness or sharpness. I always use VSCO or Afterlight, they are affordable and offer amazing editing tools.

5. Filters are the ones 

Don't ever let anyone tell you that using a filter is fake. Filters bring different feelings and moods to pictures, you can go for a more retro look or add a pink tone to it. Experiment and see what you like. I have found my favourite filters that always make me look on point and can always rely on.

6. Props won't hurt 

By props, I mean flowers, pets (cat selfies with my babygirls are my favourites when I'm home) or accessories such as hats. Having something else in the selfie can make it a little bit more exciting and also show off your lifestyle or fashion sense.

7. Front Lens for easier access 

No matter what, taking a selfie with the front lense will always be easier. Yes, the camera might not be as good as the back one, but at least you can actually see yourself when taking it.

8.  Experiment and find your style 

All of these are my tips, they work for me and may work for a few others. But that doesn't mean they will work for you, experimenting is key to find your perfect selfie style. 

Lastly, never use Flash. It's just a no go. 

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  1. Nice one! Many lessons to learn ��

  2. Great tips and tricks :) Thanks for sharing x

    Pink Frenzy

  3. Great selfie tips! I really need them b/c mine always look super awkward!



  4. Ah I utilize all these too! I've noticed everyone also has to decide which side of their face prefer as the head tilt is super important / the angle that the camera is facing when you're taking the picture.

  5. You're so gorgeous! Thanks for the wonderful tips! I don't take selfies too often but I find myself struggling to get the perfect shot when I do, so these are really helpful! I definitely agree good lighting is key for a perfect shot though!

    Jiawun | Beauty Nerd By Night

  6. You are so beautiful! Such lovely tips and I love your outfits here; may I ask, which lip colour are you wearing in the first image? :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thank you and glad to hear you like it!

      The lipstick brand is NYX and it's the red cherry one I think? But it's amazing and lasts so long as well!

      shelley xoxo

  7. I already do all these tricks so I can definitely say that you're 100% right for each and everyone of them!!! ah, I love good selfies!

    1. Glad to hear you do it the same way, must be a good 'selfie strategy' :)

      shelley xoxo


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