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Monday, 19 December 2016

Am I A Blogger Yet?

blogspot, what makes a blogger, blogger, blog, am i a blogger

blogspot, what makes a blogger, blogger, blog, am i a blogger

blogspot, what makes a blogger, blogger, blog, am i a blogger

'I'm a blogger and what's your superpower?'

When it comes to meeting new people and exchanging your Instagram usernames (@shelleyannem, by the way), I always receive the same reaction: 'You never mentioned you were a blogger' or 'Are you a blogger?'. But am I, though?

I initially started this blog as an online portfolio to help me secure an internship, with success, and was also used as an outlet to write down my thoughts whilst also working on my written language skills. But since the big move to London, it has somehow turned into something bigger and quite unexpected, I now have regular readers - I mean who would have thought that? Truthfully, not me.

It seems as if I accidentally slipped into the blogging scene.

Those who identify themselves as a blogger call me one, at events people, introduce me as a blogger and I often get invited to groups by and for bloggers. Something that was once used as a little outlet to write down my thoughts and was only read by a handful of people has now done a 360 turn into something so big. It has now become my main focus. 

blogspot, what makes a blogger, blogger, blog, am i a blogger

 But when does one call themselves a blogger? 

Just because an individual has a camera it doesn't make them a photographer, so what qualifies me as a blogger I wonder? I always thought that someone can only consider themselves to be a blogger when they do it full time, which is something I currently don't do. So to my own criteria, I am not one. But then again I know many people who only have a few followers and they consider themselves to be a blogger. 

So clearly the issue here is me and what I believe 'I am'. Despite all the hard work that goes into this blog and everything else that surrounds it, I still don't believe that what I do is good enough to consider myself a blogger. So my point is, don't be like me and put yourself down. It doesn't matter how many posts you have, how much time you give up weekly or how much money you make from it. If you want to call yourself a blogger then do so, there are no criteria's that define a 'real' blogger. As long as you believe in yourself, you can be anything you want to be - like parents always preach to their kids.

I will certainly introduce myself as a blogger from now on and trust me when I say that a hell of a lot of work goes into this so I would be stupid to continue denying what I really do.

Also, I will now be posting every Monday & Thursday! 

blogspot, what makes a blogger, blogger, blog, am i a blogger

Thanks to Justine for taking these amazing images! 



  1. I love the topic! And the pictures are wonderful as well :)

  2. I love this coat and definitely those shots! keep it going!

  3. In my opinion you definitely are. I love your writing skills, the content you create and I didn't even mentioned your sense of style!

  4. I'm sure you could consider you as a blogger, but I think also that tag are not so important..the important thing is what you do and that you like do write here!




  5. This is really interesting. I love to call myself a blogger and am proud of the title. I'm also studying to be a journalist and I find in that industry, calling yourself a blogger is not considered a good thing to be, as a lot of the time they class bloggers as amateur journalists but I love blogging and everything it stands for.


  6. I tend to introduce myself with my day-job title and say, "I also blog", unless I've been specifically invited somewhere as a blogger. I'd love to take it up another level, but it is so difficult which can be disheartening at times. Gorgeous pics.
    Lauren x


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