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Friday, 20 October 2017

3 Halloween 'outfit' ideas from Boohoo for the lazy girl.

Halloween is right around the corner; need some inspo? 

The flat is decorated, everything (and by everything I mean everything) is in a pumpkin print and the ghosts can come 'cause we are ready! - well nearly... the main, tiny little thing that is missing is the outfit and I bet that I'm not the only one. Personally, I'm not keen on full-on costumes and prefer smaller accesories to show that I still make an effort without going head-to-toe crazy.

However, I've always found it quite difficult to find the right Halloween outfit for me that gives me the best of both: Dressed up, but not dressed up. Until now -> because Boohoo has answered my daily prayers and has introduced the ultimate Halloween collection from £3. It includes everything from cool slogan tees to sexy dresses and the perfect accesories - something for everyone.

Check out below my favourite pieces from the collection and shop them here:
Witch dress
Star bodycon dress
Slogan Tee
Floral hairband

3 Halloween outfit ideas for the lazy girl

Like I mentioned above Halloween for me doesn't mean full on costumes, but rather a more settle approach. I, therefore, opted for accesories and glitter (loads of glitter ) - beware my basic costumes. 

The (Basic) Cat 

Never have I seen such perfect cat ears before. Just look at that embellishment, how gorgeous! For the outfit, I opted for a black bodysuit and added a choker - simple, but effective!

The Dead Bride

The Dead Bride is another classic and super easy to recreate. Firstly; do a normal contour but with black and white powder to add a more 'deadly' vibe and definitely don't hold back with the black eyeshadow - the more the better in this case! To finish the look I styled it with a black lace dress - an easy but stunning Halloween outfit!

Head crown - alternative

A Disco/Glitter Queen 

It might be Halloween but that doesn't mean everyone has to walk around in scary costumes, right? So why not turn yourself into a walking disco ball and cover your face with glitter instead. All you need is some vaseline, glitter and a brush (but your finger would be fine too). Smudge some vaseline on your face or put vaseline on your brush and then cover that with glitter; it's easy and super cute!


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PR Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Awin and Boohoo in exchange for the clothes, however, all my views are my own. 


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