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Sunday, 19 November 2017

The perfect Holiday Ski Prep and Guide

The perfect ski holiday and how to plan it

My boyfriend has taken me away 7 times in the last 12 months, yes 7 times. How many times have I taken him away? None. I am, therefore planning the perfect little getaway for both of us and what better holiday than a ski trip during winter? Let's embrace the cold weather and do the best with it by having fun in the snow. Fingers crossed that this little dream will soon become reality!

Funny enough, my dad used to represent the Army at the snowboarding and ski competitions so I think it's time to make him proud in the snow and show off those (hopefully) inherited skills.

But first, let's get the planning started. I think we all know that the wrong resort or hotel can really make or break the hotel. Additionally, it's important to see what training or lessons they have available as my last ski holiday was a few years ago and I think that a bit of a top-up is needed!

1. Budget

First of all, before anything else, it's important to think about the budget. This is the most important factor to consider and will determine what type of a holiday you will have - hotel, self-catering or maybe a cool Airbnb. Don't start looking at expensive holidays that are way out of your budget and remember, companies like RyanAir who now also offer holiday packages always have a sale on - yay! If perhaps you don't fancy looking yourself you can always ask a travel agent as they will only offer you holidays within your budget (which will give you more time being excited and talking to everyone about your upcoming holiday, anyone else do that or just me??)

2. Location

Where, what, when?? Once the budget is set you can find that location that will get your heart raising, your creativity going (probably only for me 'cause I take pics of EVERYTHING, ask my boyfriend) and makes minutes feel like hours because all you can think about is the getaway.

When looking at resorts make sure to check the lift costs: are they included, do they offer deals or will it put a massive dent in the budget? Especially as a beginner, it would be unnecessary to splurge out on an expensive pass when you won't be able to explore all the areas of the resort. I would, therefore, recommend finding a resort that caters your needs and your level of experience.

3. Equipment

Buy? Hire? To find an answer just ask yourself one question: How often will I sky? If there is a high chance that it's less than every year than you will be better off renting at the resort. If, however, you are a ski pro and go at least every year then it could be good decision to invest in your own equipment, but do consider transportation costs.

Additionally, remember key pieces which you will NEED to bring: Goggles, socks, gloves, ski trousers and jacket and warm mid-layers.

4. Lessons

I would recommend to every beginner to take part in a few classes or take some lessons. No ski pro has fallen from the sky yet and skiing can be dangerous so understanding how to move on the snow is a pretty good idea to prevent accidents.

Trust me on this! The last time I went skiing my friend twisted her knee due to her not knowing how to stop, she wanted to save a few pennies on lessons and thought that watching a few YouTube videos would be enough, but unfortunately, it wasn't really. So please take this tip and consider it when booking your skiing holiday.

5. Beauty and Accessories 

I'm a beauty lover and always like to look on point as you all know, so a ski trip means that I will need to take care of my skin and make sure that I keep it well nourished whilst out there. Remember creams and lip balms, they will be your best friends out there.


  1. It sounds like it's going to be such a fabulous trip and you seriously have an amazing boyfriend.


  2. Great tips! I'd love to skiiing, it's something I've never done before so I really want to give it a go and see if I'm any good at it ;) x


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