Coeliac Guide To Eating: Alto by San Carlo Review

Gluten Free Food Guide Every year, I count down the days until Selfridges rooftop opens its door for another season. This year there’s a small but major difference though: my coeliac diagnosis. Here’s my personal review and coeliac guide to

Anchored Cruise 2018 – a full review.

Anchored Cruise 2018 was an unforgettable experience for so many reasons, most importantly because it was so unreal and amazing. I was offered the opportunity to be one of the lucky people to party onboard the Anchored Cruise in 2018.

Valamar Meteor Hotel, Makarska, Croatia – Hotel Review

Valamar Meteor Hotel – the perfect destination for couples || Gifted Trip Toby and I have been together for 4 years now. Our first trip away was Lanzarote for an all-inclusive holiday and it marked the beginning of us exploring

Wonderbra | How to wear backless in the summer

Wonderbra, my new summer essential! For the last year, my option when picking a bra resulted in a lacy bralette that offers no support or I’d go braless. Until I tried my first Wonderbra I didn’t realize how much I’ve

My Coeliac Disease Diagnosis

Coeliac disease diagnosis and what happens next The day I was diagnosed with coeliac disease was one of the best days ever. The reason why I think so is that finally someone listened to my problems, didn’t send me home

How to make a Chambord Collins and drink it in style.

How to mix a Chambord Collins – Ingredients + Instructions. Spirit animals exist, but is there such a thing as a spirit liqueur? If so, I’d 100% be a Chambord. It’s an elegant liqueur with a uniquely designed bottle. A splash