NutriBuddy || First Impressions.

NutriBuddy || First Impressions.







Fitness is not about being better than someone. Fitness is about being better than the person you were yesterday.

I recently collaborated with NutriBuddy, a company that specialised in safe and effective weight loss products. They send me 14- day weight loss kit, which couldn’t have come at a more convenient time because I recently started going back to the gym.

Many people don’t know about my surgery last Christmas, which left me unable to exercise for quite some time. I am now determined to get back to my old self and what better way to do so than with the help of such promising products? 

The Kit I got send includes:
Sculpting Whey
Hunger Fux
Shaker Bottle and Scoop Measurer
Recipe Book
The Little Book of Weight LossThis kit is perfect for beginners and includes everything you need to become a gym bunny and that for a very good price of £24.99. The Sculpting Whey is 100% suitable for vegetarians, whereas the Hunger Fix and the Multivitamins are also 100% suitable for vegans. It meets everyone’s needs with the price and also with their dietary preferences.

Additionally, isn’t the packaging super sleek and modern? Love the colour combination, which makes it pop out. Especially because most protein products have such dull designs and colours, I personally love a little bit of excitement when it comes to a product and the way how it looks.

Day 1 of my journey

I took my first tablets yesterday and found them super easy to take, no weird taste or overly huge size – winning! I am one of those people who scream at every tablet that looks, smells or tastes weird and therefore really appreciate it when they are just very minimal.
The Hunger Fix tablets did scare me at first, the thought of taking something that will stop my hunger feeling is quite strange really. But all it did was to stop me from snacking, which really is something I need – I am a massive cake and chocolate fan. I also love the taste of the protein shake. I picked a vanilla flavour, which is not too sweet and I can easily add fruits to it for some extra excitement and change.

I am super excited to continue this journey with my new products and keep you all updated. Follow me on Instagram/Snapchat for more updates and to see how I get on in the gym @shelleyannem.

If you think that NutriBuddy might be a product for you, please don’t hesitate to check them out:



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