Detox Challenge with Mercari App – why you need a clear out.

Detox Challenge with Mercari App – why you need a clear out.

Mercari App #DetoxChallenge – the ultimate wardrobe clear out

I don’t believe in ‘new year, new me’ kinda bullsh*it (Why I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions) but I do think that a good clear out can do wonders. Also, I like a little challenge, I mean who doesn’t, so when the marketplace app Mercari asked me to take part in their #DetoxChallenge this January I was more than happy to take part. Mainly because I currently have three black bags in my storage room waiting for their new home and also because I know that we have an upcoming move once uni finishes in June – scary. I know it’s only January but time goes fast, especially when you have two dissertations and endless assignments to write.Anyway, I was super excited to give this app a try after seeing Sinead Crowe mention it in one of her vlogs. The app is super easy to use, it takes no longer than 2 minutes to upload what you are selling and it’s not about building a following like similar apps. However, I do have to add that it’s not suitable for higher valued items as most people do try to get it as low-priced as possible. But there is no selling fee, yes you read right – NO SELLING FEE!

Back to the Detox Challenge now, I was asked to upload new items daily based on topics starting with winter clothes, following by shoes, accessories and lastly leftovers. I uploaded over 30 items during that time and have more to come, so keep an eye out! I sold roughly 5 items and they even simplified the postage process by having an in-app Hermes delivery page. It allows you to print off a unique Hermes sticker and immediately notifies the buyer with the tracking code and the postage price will be automatically removed from your credit – easy and efficient!

The money will be available to pay out once the buyer has received the item and has left a review. However,  I have yet to reach that stage so I can’t comment on that right now. In summary, I love the app so far and I cannot continue to sell my clothes on it -> username shelleyannem.


3 Tips to successfully clear out your wardrobe

I have moved a lot in my young age and I always stick to the same three principles:

Don’t be kind

Haven’t worn it in a few years? Say bye-bye. I fully understand how hard it can be to throw away clothes as I can get a bit sentimental with them; it’s how I remember special memories. For example, the first date with my boyfriend. I still remember what we both wore and last year I had a little iron accident with the top I wore that night and got so emotional about it. But why keep something that no longer fits, no longer suits your style or is broken? Throw it away and make space for new.
Get nakedThrow it all on the floor. Empty draws, shelves, rails – EMPTY IT ALL and you will have a much easier outlook on all your clothes. Little Tip, have three piles on the floor one for keeping, selling and charity which will make simplify your clear out.

Sell it / Charity 

Don’t throw it all in the bin. You can sell it or give it to charity. I always sell the higher valued items and will give anything else to charity; also the clothes that don’t sell after a month will be removed from online selling portals and also given to charity. I always like to keep a nice balance between selling and doing something good.




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PR Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Mercari however, all my views are my own.




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    One of the issues with this technique for detox is that the training is still genuinely new, and nobody knows exactly how well it will function long haul, and before starting this sort of treatmentTarek

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