My personal issue with the blogging community.

My personal issue with the blogging community.


The truth behind some bloggers – My personal issues with the blogging community

I have a little confession to make and this is not intended to cause any drama, but rather a post on some thoughts I’ve been having for a while now. So here you go …I’m still a newbie in the world of blogging and am currently (only) close to 25k followers on Instagram. A nice number but still nothing fancy in comparison to my favourite bloggers who have more than 40k. We all know that this industry is all about numbers, especially if your aim is to make it as a successful blogger. I often hear people say how they don’t care about numbers, but we all know deep down they get just as annoyed as anyone else when they lose followers. Blogging has obviously changed a lot recently with micro-influencers booming more than ever, but so many brands still only care about the big numbers and not the overall engagement, committed followers or fantastic content.

So, now to my actual issue. It’s not just brands who care about numbers but also so many other bloggers. I have been very fortunate to have attended some amazing events organised by fantastic brands in the past year, the guest list for those are always filled with big and ‘famous’ bloggers. Attending events is always an opportunity to network and meet more like-minded people, you would think anyway. But instead, I, and many of my other friends, have experienced questionable behaviour by the more ‘bigger bloggers’. Some of them ignoring us when trying to start a conversation or moving their bags onto an empty chair/seat so others can’t sit there when walking over. I always get excited attending events but instead leave them feeling self-conscious sometimes.

It’s a mean girlĀ kinda thing; you can’t sit with us if you don’t play in our league, aka if you don’t have enough followers.


They used to be in our shoes, they used to be the once not knowing people when attending events. They are us and we are them, just with a different number on Instagram. We are actually the people who helped them get to that stage through support and looking up to them. But instead, they make us feel insecure.
We won’t all be best friends or have more in common other than our blogs, but we should still be nice and support one another. Why be rude to newcomers and make them feel unsure about themselves. Why be that person, THAT person who can’t be happy with someone else because they’ve also made it on the guest list.
This is obviously not aimed at every bigger blogger, just some observations I have made in the past. Despite the few negative experiences I have also meet some great people at events; I’m sure we all have but I can’t help and wonder why some people can’t be happy for others. The thought of spending my life in misery and hating on every new blogger at an event seems like too much to worry about or waste my precious life on – as cheesy as it sounds, but we only live once.
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