Why I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions.

Why I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions.


New Years Resolutions don’t work and here is why:

Every year I see people write statures about ‘New Year, New Me‘, every year my friends tell me about their New Years Resolutions and every year 99% of those don’t stick to them. I believe in goals and wanting to be the best version of yourself, but I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions.
In other words, you know you need to change or change something and wait months for a New Year to make it happen. Why not do it then? Why wait? Why set yourself up for failure with changes that you are not ready to go ahead with? If you know you need to change in March, June or November why wait and not start then?
A New Year is amazing for self-reflection and to start with a clean slate, but you shouldn’t wake up on January the 1st and suddenly decide you no longer want to do online shopping or you want to run a mile every morning before work. Don’t treat the New Year as a life-changing event, treat it like a new page in your diary. Continue your life as you did before, but with minor changes for example that are more realistic to pull through. I want to shop less as I’m planning a massive trip this summer, but I can’t fully stop online shopping just because it’s 2018 now. Instead, I will set myself a more realistic goal and try not to go over a certain budget a month – why sprint up a hill and use up all your energy at the beginning if you could jog or walk it? So why use all your energy in January to try and stick to unrealistic goals if you could start slow?
We should reflect on our lives more than just once a year. We should grow every day and set ourselves goals more than just once every 365 days. Don’t save all your goals, ambitions and improvements for January and instead work on them as soon as you can. Don’t sprint if you can walk and save your energy.
Success is not a sprint but a marathon and doesn’t happen overnight. 
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