Envy and Jealously in the Blogging Community.

Envy and Jealously in the Blogging Community.

Blogging Community:  The ugly truth 

We girls are special creatures. They will eye up designer bags from girls walking past us and wonder why we can’t afford it, we compare us to the models in magazines and get upset because of our thigh fat. Girls get jealous all the time because of silly things like these, but within the blogging community it’s all a step further: your ‘blogging friends’ will take every opportunity to badmouth you, they get mad when you get a cooperation and they don’t and they will question your likes/followers authenticity to other bloggers.

When I first started like a year and a half ago I never experienced any hate, instead, I felt like a new member being allowed into the family. But as time passes people are showing their true colours and most of your ‘blogging friends’ will take every opportunity to harm your career. People want more because they see what others have. They stop dreaming or having ambitious and instead get overpowered with jealousy. Blogging is competitive. But competition can be healthy; I use it to create better content and to grow my brand, not to put others down.

I’ve had an incredible blogging journey so far and am thrilled with everything that I have experienced and yes, there are still things that I would like to accomplish & yes, some of my friends have already experienced those. However, that doesn’t give me the right to trash them. Nothing gives me the right to trash them. All it does is to show what kind of a person they are.


Don’t compare your chapter 1 with someone else’s chapter 20.


We are talking about social media here. The place where we can all pretend to be someone else. We never really know other people just because we read their blog or like their photos. You can’t form a full opinion of a person whom you haven’t even meet in real life. Everyone on the internet shows their best side; not the one in bed with old leggings, unwashed hair and with the electric blanket on. No one wants to see that, trust me. We aren’t all as perfect as we seem online and we never know what happens or how someone feels once they put the phone down.Don’t let jealousy overtake you. Don’t sabotage someone’s reputation because you didn’t get a campaign but they did. We are all human beings with feelings and just because you are hating on someone online doesn’t make it okay.


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  1. 3rd March 2018 / 7:18 am

    There's so much truth in your words Shelley! I'm sort of a newbie in the blogging industry and I'm terrified of connecting with other bloggers because I know things like these happen; in fact, I had a horrible experience with a really popular fashion blogger in my country who turned out to be a truly horrible person, and I couldn't believe it because she seemed so nice on her posts and social media!

    Sora | http://dangerouslyme.com/

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