How Photographs bring us closer with Jessops.

‘Taking an image, freezing a moment reveals how rich reality truly is.’

Photographs have this fantastic gift that allows us to look back on old days and nostalgia over them. It reminds us of good times, brings back memories and allows us to hold on to moments through a single picture. I got my first Spice Girls-themed Polaroid when I was 7 and have not stopped loving Photography ever since. Years later I got my first digital camera, and then I did the jump and purchased my very own DSLR when I was 18, the Canon 6D, or called Gina. She has been a faithful companion in the last years until I got myself a second body, an Olympus OMD 10, called Olivia for when I need a more compact camera – (In Germany Camera is a feminine word).It was my mum’s birthday a few weeks ago and special days like that remind me of how much I love looking through old photo books. Seeing my parent’s crazy hairstyles from the 80s and the flared jeans I used to wear in the 90s is what memories are all about. Without these photos, I would have never remembered my mum’s red hair or the birthday parties at McDonald’s or when my brother had his first nosebleed after a football accident – yes, the first thing my dad did was to get the camera.Everything is digital these days, I actually cannot remember the last time I received a letter because even my bank statements are now online to view. But sometimes looking at photos in a scrapbook or flipping through a photo album can be more meaningful than to press next on a keyboard and this is when Jessops comes in handy.


“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Jessops recently re-opened a new Store in Nottingham, and I was lucky enough to attend the first opening party and was shown around the store by one of their lovely staff members. Jessops has always been my go-to shop for camera equipment and advice, however, on that day I discovered an entirely new side to it.  Jessops is more than just a camera shop. It should be our destination to keep memories alive through photographs.

 Jessops offers a variety of photo services, that can be done in-store or online. The one that really captured my eye was the high-quality photo book. I immediately dreamed about the photo book I would create once I finish travelling America; it would be filled with the most significant moments, proudest captures and breathtaking views. The reason why I’m so excited about the photobook is that I will be able to share it with everyone. My great-grandad who’s eyesight isn’t the best anymore and who doesn’t use Facebook will be able to look through the album and see the great adventure I experienced. The book will bring us all closer together. I will be able to sit down with my boyfriend months, and even years later and flip through the pages to re-experience the trip of our lifetime.The Jessops photo service makes it possible. However, if photobooks aren’t for you they have many other options available such as personalised mugs, phone cases and pillows. All of which are of high-quality and make for cute presents. My sisters birthday is in a month and I got her a ‘selfie’ book and will get her a personalised pillow with our faces on – how perfect, right?

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” — Aaron Siskind

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PR Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by Jessops, however, all my views are my own.


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