Tips to become a Top Seller on the Mercari app.

Tips to become a Top Seller on the Mercari app.

Back in December, I was approached by the lovely PR team from Mercari to take part in a ‘Wardrobe Detox Challenge‘. Now nearly half a year later and I’m still obsessed with the app. Every week I upload items and always find more to sell, especially now with my America trip approaching mega fast and moving flats after. 

First up, here is a little overview: Mercari is an app on which you can sell your clothes and make-up. It doesn’t take any seller fees and protects both the seller and the buyer. It has a great strategy to guarantee that both parties have a good experience. At the end of the day what matters is that you feel safe and protected. 




I’m certainly no selling expert, but I have found a strategy that works for me. Find my tips below.

Find me on the Mercari app: @shelleyannem


5 Tips for Mercari Beginners 

1. Upload time

I compare Mercari in terms of uploading time to Instagram. If you upload it at the wrong time chances are it won’t get seen and the immediate attention to your profile/the item will be low. I, therefore, recommend waiting until the evening. I have tried out several different uploading times, from morning to lunchtime and the evening. Comparing them all evening times have always been a clear winner. But the same goes for Instagram to be honest (little tip here). I now try to upload everything between 5 and 8 pm for maximum exposure.


2. Pricing

Mercari isn’t the kind of app on which you want to sell your Designer garments. I sell everything between £8 and £15, with the odd item such as watches, jackets or shoes above that price. The lower the price, the easier it will be to sell. Also, I always add £1-2 extra on the item as most people will make an offer for a lower price, that way you are guaranteed to still earn a good sum.

Additionally, I calculate the delivery costs into the price.


3. Photos

I use my Instagram photos as I think it’s always better to see what the clothing looks on a person. However, that is a personal opinion and is also something that has worked well for me.
Always make use of the four photo options as well. That way you can show different perspectives of the item, such as front, back, top, bottom, etc. With shoes always upload a photo of the sole for example. Additionally, with bags always from the inside too. Detailed photos are also a must, such as the material or embroidery if applicable.


4. What sells on Mercari

As previously mentioned designer items don’t sell as well. What always works for me are new shoes or only worn once (shoes is always a bit tricky) and items from brands that are more well known (new look, zara). I have uploaded a few items from Primark, but they never sell. I believe that is due to the fact that I can’t sell a pair of shoes for £7 if I only paid £10 myself and have worn them (these items are good for charity).


5. Quality Items

By this I mean don’t sell dirty or broken items. Be fair and genuine. Everything I sell is either worn once, twice or brand new. I sell the kind of items that I would be happy to receive when buying something in a store. I wash everything before sending it and always make sure that it’s in good condition.


Talking actual money now. Since I uploaded my first item over 6 months ago I have made roughly £500, which is a lot. This is because I have followed the above 5 tips/rules and have only uploaded items that are of good quality which lead to positive reviews, as well as excellent communication skills and speedy delivery. Always be nice, friendly and never rude. If you do ever come across an unfair review then get in touch with the lovely customer service team who will help you out asap.



Press HERE for a link to my profile.
Alternatively, search for ‘shelleyannem’ on the app. Use code XZRNFC to receive £2 to spend on the app.



  1. 13th July 2018 / 5:16 pm

    This was so fascinating Shelley! I haven’t heard of Mercari before, but I have a bunch of items in my wardrobe that I just don’t use and it would be great to make a little money from selling them! I’m going to look into this app more thoroughly but thank you tons for the tips on how to sell more items! When you just start out it can always be a bit tricky if you don’t know the basic strategy to get your items to sell!

  2. Rosa
    15th August 2018 / 9:50 pm

    I haven’t heard of this app before. I really want to do a bit of a closet clean so I might try this out.

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